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Government Strategies

BridgeBis will work with relevant government departments and the private sector to identify and address circumstances where changes are required to create the conditions necessary for investment in infrastructure. There is a need to ensure that investment is focused on areas of greatest benefit, particularly those that best support long term economic growth.

This strategy covers key economic infrastructure sectors: energy, transport, agriculture, water, waste & communications. Investment challenge for infrastructure strategies are driven by three main factors:

  • An increase in the overall level of infrastructure investments required over the next decade and beyond;
  • An acceleration in investment in certain types of infrastructure in the relatively near future, particularly those associated with a transition to a low-carbon economy;
  • A higher risk profile for certain types of infrastructure compared with historical norms, particularly in the area of low-carbon energy.

    It is essential to understand and respond to the dynamics of the sectors where investment is required and to ensure that the solutions to any challenges identified are relevant, tailored and sector-specific. Government will need to assess the effectiveness of its interventions over time.

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